What to Look For When Inspecting For Moisture

There are two classifications for crawlspaces:

A vented crawlspace allows cross ventilation and the home’s sub floor is protected at the same time.  A non-vented crawlspace protects the foundation walls, but not the sub floor. This happens because ventilation is not allowed to pass through it the whole year, causing a vapor barrier to be placed in the ground.  In both cases a small heater or heat tape will work to keep pipes from freezing.

You should make sure that your house has sufficient ventilation. So when the temperature rises, remember to open the vents. The reason is the crawlspaces in your home need, for every 150 square feet, at least 1 square foot of ventilation.  In order to allow the cross ventilation, vents should be approximately 3 feet from the corners.

Moisture problems appear when the rain gutters are inadequate or there isn’t one at all.  Using a solid rain gutter will definitely help so the water doesn’t fall along the foundation. This way the water will flow away from the house. Keep in mind that screen covers can get clogged or even collapse. You can attach an extension to the downspout, as long as it directs the water at least 6 feet from your home.

In case you have a sump pump installed at home, it should be in the bottom of the crawlspace. And it should be easy for all areas to drain to it.  It’s important to check if your pump works automatically on a regular basis.

A dehumidifier is a must have if your building lacks vents to your crawlspaces. It is also necessary for the collected water to be piped to a sump pump or condensation pump.  Otherwise, you’ll have to throw out water every day.

Your crawlspace should always be clean and easy to reach. Often look for any indication of moisture or fungus.  And if any repairs need to be done, you can always check the local code. A crawlspace might seem irrelevant but it’s important if you want to avoid moisture damage.

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