The Patio, a nice upgrade to any house

A patio is a nice upgrade to any home. Buyers look for extras such as patios when making real estate purchases seeing patios as an extension of the house. Any patio that can be used for family gatherings would be seen as added value to the home. Everything else being equal, perspective buyers will much rather have a home with a patio then one without one. So now the question becomes, how much value will it add to the house, compared to how much it will cost to fix it?

If you are adding a patio be sure to consider logical area for it’s location. While remaining within your budget, realize a quality patio area may be what sells an otherwise average house.

When a patio exists that is not in good shape the best choice may be replace it. Some prefer pavers to concrete, but either style would still equal a patio.

When a house already includes a patio but doesn’t have the appeal you are looking for there may be an easy solution. Be sure the patio you are working with is clean. Add some planters along with a patio table and some chairs to help a buyer see how useful the extra exterior area can be.

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