Major Points of Professional Home Inspection

As an investor, the importance of a Professional Home Inspection cannot be emphasized strongly enough.  First and foremost, seek out the most reputable Inspector to which you have access.  Jimmy-Bob down the road may have built a house or two on his own, but that by no means makes him an expert.  An Inspector with experience and knowledge will always be your best bet and will give you honest and reliable information.  A reputable Inspector will also be willing to provide references on his previous work.

A Professional Home Inspector will cover several major areas for any home being bought or sold.  Several are as follows:

Routine interior inspection

This will generally cover the basics of appliance function, water fixture function (in bathrooms this will include seeking out mold and/or mildew), searching for leaks or evidence of previous water damage, and operation of doors and windows. A check of the level of the house is also included in this, as a problem with doors or windows can be a sign of sinking.

Basic electrical inspection

This will cover obvious problems, but the inspector will be aware of code violations and alert you to any present.

Heating/Cooling inspection

Proper operation of each unit, your Inspector will tell you if the unit can expect a long life or is nearing a necessary replacement, and if the unit present is rated as an adequate size for the square-footage it is servicing.

Plumbing inspection

Does the installation meet code requirements and is it in good working order?  The Inspector will test for leaks and visual signs of pre-existing leaks or faulty fixes.

Actual construction of the home inspection

An Inspector will alert you to any shoddy construction shortcuts.  The roof/roofline will be checked for proper installation, which will include flashings to keep water away from potential leak areas, the actual roofing materials’ condition and will the particular material need to be replaced soon.

Foundation inspection

This will depend on whether you have an actual basement or crawl space.  In either case, an Inspector will be looking for dampness, leaks, cracks, molds and mildews and pest infestations.

As a home seller or buyer these areas are of the utmost importance in a smooth transaction.  A Professional Home Inspection fee has a wide range, but whatever the fee, it is well worth your peace of mind.

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