Real Estate Investment – Leverage Personal Edition

Real Estate Investment Deal Forecast without spreadsheets like a true professional. Real Estate Investment Financing Software for individual investors and professionals for valuating deals. Determine the WORTH of the real estate investment opportunities in residential or commercial.  Easy to use like a video game.

Find out what the property is worth.  Determine when you will make your money back and whether you need to sell your property to make a great profit.

Cash flow forecasting analysis and sale transaction analysis. Easy for beginners in investing, real estate development, appraising, property management, and real estate agents, to make financial forecasting decisions when buying a property to determine the value. Mortgage comparison and analysis with insight into interest rates.   Analyze refinancing and loans.  For lease analysis and lease value in with reports and charts for the bank. Determine internal rate of return, and when you’ll make make your money back.  Accounting software for real estate projections and forecasting. Leverage for Real Estate by Glacier Concept.


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